The healing power of nature millennia of fascination

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The ability of the body to self-regulate and self-heal has intrigued us for millennia. Hippocrates (460-370 BC), considered to be the father of modern medicine, demonstrated that illness and healing were part of the body’s natural functions. His belief was that nature healed and the physician was only nature’s assistant.

Hippocrates doctrine was Vis Medicatrix Naturae: the healing power of nature. This concept is central to the modern practice of natural therapies, which is resonating increasingly with the strong growth in use of complementary medicines. Increasing also is the level of knowledge you, the consumers, are wanting on how the body processes maintain a balance and the role specific natural remedies can play in certain healing processes. “We know consumers are wanting to make more informed healthcare choices”, reports Dr Wendy Morrow, Executive Director of the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC). “There is growing consumer interest in formal education on the body systems and complementary product choices”.

Most of us can identify a few complementary medicines for the treatment for the common cold, for example vitamin C and echinacea. But did you know about Fenugreek, Ginger and Golden seal or how tissue salts assist in getting body systems back in balance?


Intrigued to know more?

The CHC is the leading expert association committed to a vital, sustainable, consumer focused complementary medicines industry. Together with a team of experts, the CHC has developed a series of courses to increase knowledge of human body systems and complementary medicines choices.

The courses are highly relevant to those of you wanting to take control of your personal complementary medicines options. They are also suited to those wishing to kick-start a career in retail, equipping you with additional knowledge and understanding and providing you with an edge.

In 2011, the CHC launched the first of an eventual 6 certificate course which will comprise its Diploma in Complementary Healthcare Products.

Four certificate level courses are currently available:

  1. Foundation Studies for Complementary Healthcare Products
  2. Certificate in Complementary Healthcare Products – Nutritional Supplements
  3. Certificate in Complementary Healthcare Products – Herbal Supplements
  4. Certificate in Complementary Healthcare Products – Homoeopathic and Herbal Essences

All courses can be completed as individual certificates.

The CHC is also developing an introductory certificate on complementary healthcare products. This will be a short overview course on the body systems and complementary medicine choices – ideal for those wanting an introduction to the world of complementary medicines.

The courses are easily accessible through online delivery and conveniently allow you to set your own learning pace and have access to an online tutor.

No time limit is imposed for completion, allowing you to take your time with each module, making full use of the materials and access to the online tutor. The courses are an ideal fit for those with busy schedules!

As a special reader offer, we are offering a 10 per cent discount to anyone who enrolls by the end of June 2012 simply by quoting ‘CMR001’.